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Tapestry Weaving

Tapestry Tips 

  • Your imagination is your limit. Tapestry is weft face weave. 
  • A good general rule of thumb is the thickness of the weft should fit in the space between two warp threads. 
  • Warp spacing controls the amount of detail you can achieve.
  • The less elasticity the yarn has, the more you will need to bubble it during weaving. 
  • Tightly twisted yarns must be bubbled more than loosely spun yarns. 
  • Thicker yarns must be bubbled more than finer yarns. 
  • Too thick warp will not pack down evenly and may not cover the warp. 
  • For heavier weft, the wider you should space your warp; the finer the weft, the closer you should space the warp.
  • For more detailed designs, choose fine weft and warp and set your EPI close. 
  • Tight warp helps eliminate uneven edges. 
  • Tight warp allows the weft to pack evenly and easily. 
  • Center the warp on your loom.
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